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I am so grateful to ALC for giving me a second chance at my high school diploma. They are still providing us support even through the struggles with covid-19. I have dreamed of going to college, and I will actually be able to thanks to this program.

Anastassia S.


For years, I've gone into schools throughout Alaska making presentations. I have come to recognize the qualities of a good learning environment. ALC, under the direction of Dr. Elizabeth Kane, is a quality school. The work put into each student and measurable results of students achieved is commendable. The families of graduates express deep gratitude not only for their kin, but for all students, staff and visitors.

Cal Williams


ALC is currently helping me get my HS diploma. It is a very big help due to the fact that I'm about to be 30 years old and the only thing close to a HS diploma is a G.E.D. ALC is also helping me through doing my classes at home on my own pace while being able to work as well.

Ellins T.


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We are a non-profit organization. Students who otherwise would never have an opportunity to complete high school, go to college, get good jobs, and achieve other goals and dreams are able to do so because of your generosity.

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